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"I have just finished watching your film. The manner in which it approaches the subject is beautifully thought-provoking and it leaves a final impression that is hugely life-affirming. It also displays a rare simplicity and serenity throughout, as you have allowed the stories to emerge and build on each other in the most wonderful way."

(Tim, London)

"Thank you for sharing your wonderful film last night. I was actually quite apprehensive about seeing it but left feeling really quite uplifted and less fearful."

(Julie, London, U.K.)

"What a wonderful piece of work you've put together! I enjoyed the viewing experience very much and think it is well worth watching for people/families that are facing the death of someone close to them, their own death or are processing loss & grief. Your interviews reveal a great sensitivity and skill for deep listening and gentle inquiry."

(Christine, Spiritual Counsellor in a Hospice, South Africa)

"It was very moving, relaxing, uplifting and warm. Strange or maybe not, I was crying my eyes out, but a great feeling afterwards that made me look at death in a more positive way."

(Jensigne, London, U.K.)

"I watched your documentary last evening. I liked it and recognized several things regarding the process of dying of my father and mother. I think your film might help people to think about death and the taboo which is surrounding it. So I hope you can show it to many people."

(Joachim, The Netherlands)

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